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Sky Glass, Inc.

Lunar Splashcatcher

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Joint Sizes

The Lunar Splashcatcher acts as an external perk as well as an ashcatcher. The Splashcatcher features our signature showerhead perk for added filtration and a smoother hit. The Lunar Splashcatcher also features an extended arm, this allows it to sit at a perfect right angle and stops the water from splashing over. The joint set up was specially designed to be used with a dewar (recessed) joint , but the extended joint would allow this to fit any piece. 


  • Height: 5in
  • Tubing: 60mm x 5mm Schott Duran Tubing
  • Joint: 14mm/18mm Female Schott Joint
  • Bowl: 14mm/18mm
  • Filtration: Fixed Showerhead Perk / Extended arm
  • Features: Splashcatcher
  • Compatible Pieces: Lunar Bubbler/ Infinity Reycler/ Stellar Bubbler