Glass Bong / Accessories Repair

Glass is the best thing to smoke out of but unfortunately it can be broken. Fret not, your treasured piece can be repaired. We repair both bongs and and most glass accessories. To start the process fill out the form below completely and send it to us. We will get in touch with you to get the full details.

Additionally, we can add customization to your piece if desired. Please include a picture or two of the broken piece with the form.

Request Glass Repair

The quickest way to get your glass repair done is by sending us an email with the information we need to get you a quote. We need your Name, Shipping Address, Email, and a Description of the break and what you would like done. Finally we must have up to 3 photos of the broken piece, not just the broken part but also the entire piece.

Just copy and paste the guide below into an email, fill it out and send it to We’ll get right back to you, and with your approval, we’ll get your repair rolling.


Glass Repair Request

  1. Your Full Name:
  2. Your Email Address:
  3. Your Phone Number:
  4. A Descripition of What You Want Done:
  5. And Most Importantly, Photos Of The Broken Part And Of The Whole Piece.

Bong Repair Information

How much do repairs cost?

Basic bong repairs start at about $108. Joint, foot, and neck repairs are generally about $150.

Accessories like bowls, downstem and ashcatchers are usually cheaper then bongs to repair

Note: these estimates do not include shipping.

How long do repairs normally take?

Turn around time depends on the repair. Once we get more information on the type of repair you're looking for, we can typically provide a rough timeline estimate.

Can I get additional modifications during the repair process?

Of course! Let us know if what you're looking for (color, size, etc.) and we can make those done at the same time.

What happens if my piece breaks during the repair?

Sky says, though it is rare, there is a tiny possibility that the piece of glass may shatter when he is working on it. His experience and techniques guard against this possibility, but there is a small risk.

We can’t replace a shattered bong but there would be no charge for the attempted repair.