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Fluid Dynamics Series

Binary Bubbler

Binary Bubbler

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The Double Bubbler has a rich history spanning over three decades, The Binary bubbler is a modern take on this classic design! The Binary Bubbler's innovation lies in its dual fixed signature showerhead percs, seamlessly integrated into the piece to deliver an unprecedented level of filtration, all within a surprisingly compact frame!

The Binary Bubbler bong is equipped with a removable mouthpiece for effortless cleaning and replacement. Additionally, this design choice opens the door to an exciting realm of customization! You can easily attach an external perk, such as the orbital perk, to enhance your smoking experience!

The Binary Bubbler is fully compatible with our Lunar splashcatcher, and with the addition of the Orbital perk you can create a four-chambered masterpiece! 


  • Height: Varies from 9in-10in
  • Tubing Size/ Type: 60mm x 5mm Schott Duran Tubing
  • Joint Size/Type: 18mm Female Schott Joint
  • Bowl Style: 18mm Male Clear Martini Bowl
  • Filtration: 2 Fixed Showerhead Percs
  • Base: Solid Maria Base, 4-5in Wide
  • Features: Secret White Bridge
  • Ice Pinches: Yes
  • Mouthpeice Size: 19mm X 3mm Schott Tubing, 18mm Removable Mouthpiece

Each piece is hand blown and Unique! The dimension will vary slightly because of this! 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Perfect for a desktop setup

I got this for my wireless ball vape setup. Does a great job and allows you to fully extract and still get a smooth hit. Well made. Its very thick glass

5 stars, worth the wait. Amazing piece.

Reviewing after 1 week of solid use. I had high expectations, and they were all met/exceeded.

Percolation is A+. You can really see a difference when a perc is perfectly designed. This creates hundreds of small perfect bubbles. Effortless pull too.

Construction is BOMB.

I hope everyone who gets a Sky piece gets one as nice as I did. Sky really went above and beyond on this one. Base is a solid 5.5" thank you so much!!!!

My favorite out of 8 Sky glass pieces I own. Hands down

This bubbler is absolutely insanely thick, I mean insanely. HAS to weigh 3-4 lbs. it’s function is perfect, it’s GORGEOUS, and easy to clean(if you know how/takes some figuring out).. it’s a PERFECT oil rig, or a fantastic flower rig. If you are going to be using flower I Highly suggest the Lunar Splashcatcher

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