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Fluid Dynamics Series

The Quantum Klein Set

The Quantum Klein Set

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Fluid Dynamic Percolation

The Quantum Recycler is our flagship smoking apparatus, complete with every bell and whistle we could fit. The idea behind our recycler is to provide you with the smoothest, most filtered hit while maintaining our famous function and aesthetics. Made with the same materials and techniques as our slightly smaller Proton Recycler, this piece features an encased opal, a larger body and a wider base for stability. With a 18mm ground joint, this device is perfect for any application. The Quantum Klein Recycler Set combines ultimate filtration with our signatures showerhead Splashcatcher in 1 coinvent package!


  • Height: Varies From 10in-13in
  • Tubing Size/Type: 50mmx 5mm, Schott Tubing
  • Joint Size/Style: 18mm Female, Schott Joint
  • Bowl Size/Style: 18mm Male Clear Martini Bowl
  • Filtration: Fixed Showerhead Perk
  • Features: Ice Pinches / Secret White Bridges/ 4mm Encased Opal
  • Base Style/Size: Solid Maria Base, 4-5in Wide,15-20mm Thick 
  • Mouthpiece Size/Style: 19mm X 3mm Schott Tubing, Marie (Ring) Mouthpiece 
  • Attachments: 18mm Showerhead Splashcatcher

Each piece is hand blown and Unique! The dimension will vary slightly because of this! 

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