About Sky Glass

Since 1996, Sky has been a trusted creator of high-quality glass bongs and accessories in the thriving glass mecca of Eugene, Oregon. We take great pride in the skillful craftsmanship of our dedicated artisans, who handcraft each and every piece in our workshop. Over the course of our 25-year journey, we've created more than a quarter of a million water pipes, each one showcasing our dedication to quality craftsmanship.

Just as humans have evolved over time, the art of smoking glass has also undergone its own transformation. Initially, it was admired for its looks, but times have since changed. Glass has evolved into a more intricate and scientifically driven craft. Prioritizing functionality throughout our process, the integration of fluid dynamics into our brand underscores the advancement of smoking glass.

What is Fluid Dynamics?

In the realm of physics, fluid dynamics is the study of fluid motion, encompassing the behavior of liquids and gases. Solving a fluid dynamics problem entails computing diverse characteristics like velocity, pressure, and density as they vary over space and time.

This means minimal effort with maximum effect.

When a piece of smoking glass is designed with fluid dynamics in focus, expect controlled and measured bubble formation from each opening. We examine the stacking pattern and how it ascends, the dimensions of the reaction chamber, the size of the diffuser, the depth, and the quantity of cuts all play a role in determining the fluid's response. It's all about achieving a clean, intelligent, and smooth performance.