Realize Your Vision

Here at Sky Glass we offer a unique opportunity to customize your piece to your exact taste! This is for the serious smoker that knows exactly what they want.

The Process

Our custom pieces usually originate from an existing product line. For example, if you love the function and shape of our Klein Recycler, but wish it had blue accents, a longer mouthpiece, and a shower head perc.

If you do know what you want, start the process of ordering a completely custom piece of glass by following the instructions at the bottom of this section.

Looking for a quote? Just call or email us: 541-349-9518 /

Ready to order your custom glass?

Please consider all these points before you reach out. We will work very closely with you via phone or via email once the process has started.

  1. Pricing: Custom pieces are more expensive than stock pieces, and the price is determined by how extensive the customization is. You can save money by customizing an item we already make.
  2. Preparation: Before you reach out, please have a clear overall idea of what you want and your price range. We love to come up with ideas to save you money or add finishing touches to make it truly jaw-dropping.
  3. Pictures: Some people use software to design their custom dream, but a cel phone photo of a sketch often works just fine. Email as many details and drawings as you wish, the more information the better:

Custom Collection