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Diffused Downstems

Diffused Downstems

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This is our version of the classic 14mm / 18mm Diffused Downstem! We offer a few different diffusion options and offer a variety of sizes! We can make the downstem with the classic 6-slitt filter and oldschool, open end filter! The interior joint size is 14mm the outer joint is (18mm). We hand polish each downstem to increase the strength and give it a cleaner look! 

If you dont see the joint size or length you need,please reach out to us so we can help you out!

(Please measure the entire length of the downstem) (We measure From Tip to Tip)


  • Length: Varies
  • Tubing Size/ Type: 16mm x 2.5mm Tubing
  • Joint Size: 14/18mm Joint
  • Filter: Old School (Open Bottom)/ 6-Slitt Diffuser

Each piece is hand blown and Unique! The dimension will vary slightly because of this! 

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Customer Reviews

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Brent Anderson
Great job

Love both downstems for my roor and lux bongs, been looking forward to switching them for awhile and managed to catch your Labor Day sale, thank you!

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