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  • 18mm Removable Lunar Mouthpiece, reflective mouthpiece shot
  • 18mm Removable Lunar Mouthpiece, joint close up
  • Close up of the removable mouthpiece lip
  • Close up of the bottom of the joint
  • Close up of the lower Maria (ring) of the mouthpiece
  • Close up of the upper Maria (ring) of the mouthpiece
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Sky Glass, Inc.

18mm Removable Lunar Mouthpiece

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The Lunar Mouthpiece is a 18mm Male Removable Mouth Piece for The Lunar Bubbler or any 18mm piece! We designed the mouthpiece for easy cleaning/ replacement. It way cheaper and easier to replace a removable mouhtpiece then to do a repair on a fixed arm piece! The mouthpeice also features 2 Marias (Rings) To match the rest of our pieces! This will work as a mouthpiece for any 19mm (18.8mm) female joint or piece!


  • Total Length: 4-5in
  • Tubing Type/Size: 19mm x 3mm Schott Duran Tubing
  • Joint Style/Size: 18mm Schott Male Joint
  • Features: Two Glass Marias (Rings)

Each piece is hand blown and Unique! The dimension will vary slightly because of this!