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Fluid Dynamics Series

Lunar Bubbler

Lunar Bubbler

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Fluid Dynamic Percolation

We built the Lunar Bubbler around an 18mm Dewer Shower Head, the largest saw-cut showerhead perc we make! When you draw threw the perc, hundreds of bubbles filter threw the slits and instantly stack to top of the piece. The result is one of the smoothest hits you’ll experience. We made the mouthpiece detachable for easy cleaning, transportation, and replacement if needed!

We offer external percs, such as the Lunar splash catcher, and orbital perc,  that can be added to this piece for additional filtration! 

The 18mm Lunar Shower head bubbler can be made a fixed mouthpiece or a removable one!


  • Height: 10-12in Tall (Tip To Tip)
  • Tubing Size/ Type: 75mm x 5mm Schott Tubing , 19mm Schott Tubing
  • Joint Style: 18mm Schott Dewer Joint (Bowl Joint)/ 18mm Schott Female Joint (Mouthpiece Joint)
  • Bowl Piece Style: 18mm Martini Bowl
  • Filtration: Fixed Showerhead Perk
  • Base Style: Solid Maria Base, 4-5in Wide, 15-20mm Thick
  • Mouthpiece Style: 18mm Removable Mouthpiece / 19mm Fixed Marie (Ring) Mouthpiece

Each piece is hand blown and Unique! The dimension will vary slightly because of this! 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

The Lunar Bubbler is amazing! It’s beautiful and well made. It’s much smoother than anything else I have used.

Blake Crews
Amazing piece from skyglass!

This bubbler hits smooth as my sol glass hands down worth the money. The function is amazing, every cut in the perc fires at once. You can tell this isn’t china glass, good stuff sky!

Eddie W
Lunar Bubbler

Hits so nice, every single slit fires, bubbles stack insanely. Quality piece, that functions better than anything I've laid hands on. Surprisingly good flavor as well, buttery smooth.

Peter Maric
Lunar Bubbler is Outstanding!!!

The Lunar Bubbler is an amazing piece. As owner-operator of a licensed commercial cannabis cultivation business (, I need to know exactly how my flowers taste and smoke, and to make sure they are flushed properly.

This pipe is exactly what I need to help make the important decisions regarding what cultivar is a keeper and what is not.

The Lunar Bubbler hits extremely smoothly, is easy to clean, and allows the true taste of your favorite flowers to shine through. Highly recommended!!!

My Favorite Piece

I love it! Above and beyond all expectations. Called the store too and the dude was super cool and very informative. Just buy it.

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