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  • Nebula 18in beaker bong, removable downstem and bowlpiece
  • Nebula 18in beaker bong, laying down
  • Nebula 18in beaker bong, mouthpiece and neck shot
  • Nebula 18in beaker bong, base and bowl piece shot
  • base, downstem, and bowlpiece
  • Beaker base and downstem shot
  • Base, neck and ice pinches
  • Nebula mouthpiece
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Sky Glass, Inc.

Nebula Beaker

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Bowl Piece

The Nebula 18in beaker bong is our classic beaker. This piece is what you refer to as a Dailey Driver! While it does have the features you’d expect to see on a classic bong, the quality is that of something you’d find in a chemistry lab. We use the finest glass in every part of our process and take special care to manipulate it in a way that ensures a long, useful lifespan.

The Nebula 18in beaker bong features a removable downstem and bowl piece for easy cleaning or replacement! 


  • Height: Varies from 17in-20in
  • Tubing: 50mm x 5mm Schott Duran Tubing
  • Joint: 18mm Female Joint
  • Bowl: 14mm Clear Martini Slide
  • Downstem: 14/18mm Removable Diffused Downstem (7.0in)
  • Extra Features: Ice Pinches
  • Mouthpiece: Flared Marie Mouthpiece 

Each piece is hand blown and Unique! The dimension will vary slightly because of this!