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  • Stellar 14mm diffused bubbler, removable downstem and bowl piece
  • Stellar 14mm diffused bubbler laying down
  • Stellar 14mm diffused bubbler, side profile shot
  • Stellar 14mm diffused bubbler, base, downstem, mouthpiece shot
  • Stellar base, bowlpiece, and downstem
  • Stellar base and mouthpiece
  • Stellar top, downstem, and mouthpiece
  • Stellar mouthpiece and bowl piece
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Sky Glass, Inc.

Stellar Bubbler

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Bowl Piece

The Stellar 14mm diffused bubbler is designed for portability and cost efficiency! Slim enough to be discrete, but functional enough to take to the sesh! This piece is hand-blown by us in our shop in Eugene, Oregon with the same great glass as the rest of our Fluid Dynamics Series. The Stellar 14mm diffused bubbler features a removable downstem and bowl piece! This make for easy cleaning and replacement!  If your looking for an introduction piece to our glass, the stellar bubbler is one of the best pieces to start with!

  • Height: Varies from 9-12in
  • Tubing: 75mm x 5mm Schott Duran Tubing
  • Joint: 18mm Schott Female Joint
  • Bowl: 14mm Clear Martini Slide
  • Downstem: 14/18mm Removable Diffused Dowstem (6.5in)
  • Mouthpiece: 19mm Schott Duran Tubing 

Each piece is hand blown and Unique! The dimension will vary slightly because of this!