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Sky Glass, Inc.

Zenith Beaker

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Bowl Piece

The Zenith Beaker is a marriage of the function of our Neutrino Straight Tube and the structure of our Nebula Beaker. The top chamber features our saw-cut showerhead perc that produces a light frothy bubble, while the lower chamber has a fierce rumble. This combination allows for bigger rips while still being kind to your lungs! 


  • Height: 18in
  • Tubing: 60mm / 50mm x 5mm Schott Duran Tubing
  • Joint: 18mm Female Schott Joint
  • Bowl: 14mm Male Clear Martini Bowl
  • Filtration: 14/18 Removable Downstem/ Fixed Showerhead Perk (6.5in)
  • Mouthpiece: 50mm X 5mm Schott Duran Tubing
  • Features: Ice Pinches